About us

Connecting the Church

for Transformation & Accountability

our vision

Unified body of believers inspiring Integrity, fulfilling the Great commission and leading transformation in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Council of Pentecostal Churches is a movement of Pentecostal churches working together to change the nation through a network of church leaders, national gatherings, training events and resources. The purpose of Zimbabwe Council of Pentecostal Churches (ZCPC) is to provide a common place of reference for Churches in Zimbabwe. The organization is a self-regulatory board that:

  • will help the Church in Zimbabwe maintain fundamental Integrity as an accountability board with Ordination authority to Ministry leaders and its members.
  • works as representation for its members as members of Good standing to authorities.
  • promotes the function and the exercising of evangelical Pentecostal doctrine
  • self-regulates members on issues of governance
  • engages and plays major role in national development, economics and non-partisan political engagements
  • is focused on evangelizing the nation, training, participant and develop economic blue print for the nation
  • engages and establishes Christian enterprises to create model of a Christo-centric businesses

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