Serving God

ZCPC Councils

ZCPC is organized through specialized Councils. Each council is led by a vice President, who is a member of the National Executive Council. The president of the council work with a team of specialized individuals as committees to execute the work of the council. The Provincial Ambassadors for specialized function shall automatically become part of the council’s implementation representative at the province.

Prayer Council

The Prayer Council’s mandate is to:

  • promote, support and mobilize Christians to pray for the nation, and for specific issues as determined by the council leadership
  • train and equip prayer movements and prayer warriors
  • work with, ward, district, provincial and member prayer groups and organize, mobilize and support, prayer meetings, to ensure ongoing prayer is being conducted at ward, level, district level and national level
  • engage, initiate and carry out parliamentary and presidential prayer breakfasts
  • organize national prayer rallies 

Evangelism Council

The role of the Evangelism council is to strategically draw the Christianization of Zimbabwe through equipping the church in evangelism and discipleship. Conduct training in evangelism and discipleship equipping member bodies to be active in sharing their faith as individuals. The council is also responsible of identifying unreached areas or less evangelized communities and empowers churches to take active evangelistic roles in the different areas. This council also collaborates with Evangelistic organizations to enhance, support and promote their work in evangelism.

Ordination Council

Ordains Church leaders in the offices of Pastors, Bishop, Apostles, Evangelists and Prophets as a testimony to their call to such offices. This actually helps leaders to have a backing to what the Lord has mandated them. This ordination is limited and shall be accorded only to the senior leader of a particular member Church as the mandate to ordain Ministers in a particular church is localized and as such the responsibility of that ordained Minister in their own churches. Church leaders at their own discretion may use the ordination council to ordain their leaders should they require help.

Legal Council

The Legal Council helps advice the ZCPC on legal matters and also representing members who may have faced legal issues of a corporate nature. Individual members may get legal representation on merit. The Legal Council oversees issues of compliance of ZCPC to the law of the nations. The legal Council is also be responsible for any petitions that ZCPC may advocate for.

Governance Council

The Governance Council trains churches in issues of governance and ensures that members comply with the stipulated governance framework and basic biblical stewardship principles in the management and leadership of the Church and or Christian Organizations